As a 100% curiosity-driven kid without any career goal until my disaster year (2016), I realized how reality (esp funding) could distract/destroy one’s passion in both life & work. I tried to change it by writing my goals down at 22, being told that it’s “never too late” lol. I’ve shared these with some close friends and found the process & results surprising, so I decided to make them radically (or ridiculously) transparent. …

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This article is a brief intro for those who know little but want to learn more about the current state & trend of Space Tourism. Welcome any feedback and updates, especially those who work at these companies!

My motivation is to use this topic to stimulate more interests & discussions in Commercial Space Travel, as we are raising a new Space Fund. If you’re interested in more investment details:

SpaceX by Elon Musk since 2002

SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft with the ultimate goal of making human a multi-planet species.

Key Achievements

  • 2008: The first…

Full list of 50 people:

According to Forbes, Taiwan with 0.3% world’s population has 1.8% of the world’s billionaires. Though “wealth cannot infer success and success is very subjective,” I’m interested in extracting insights from these data as well as what we can learn from other economies like China & US, as a Taiwanese!

Facts from the 50 Richest Taiwanese

  1. Taiwan’s economy is driven by Electronics (13), Finance (8), Food & Beverage (7) till 2020.
  2. Taiwan’s richest industry leaders age from 52 (Andre Koo, Sr.) to 92 (Shi Wen-long)
  3. Only 2 / 50 are women, who run Real Estate (Lin Chang Su-O) and Food Retailing



I just started using Instagram (IG) a week ago, with the objective of answering my earlier post “Why’s IG so popular among younger generations?” This article is to document what I’ve done & learned so far. Might be helpful to old schoolers like me who haven’t used IG till 2020, but probably not for pro instagrammers. I’m specifically interested in the growth potential of talents and how we can accelerate these growth with science & engineering.

Longer Motivation

Inspired by a PhD coworker at Outliers Fund, who’s on her way to becoming a knowledge-driven influencer, I started to pay…

“Techstars Startup Weekend COVID-19 Taipei” event banner

This is the first online Startup Weekend Taipei, supported by the Ministry of Science & Technology in Taiwan, Taiwan Tech Arena, and Techstars in Taiwan. We united 160 entrepreneurs to foster startups and fight against COVID-19. It’s also my first Startup Weekend experience, so I use this article to document my takeaways and share what were special about this event.

Technical Infrastructure & Communication Tools

Discord: Communicate with all event roles via voice/text channels

It’s the 9th NYU Abu Dhabi International Hackathon for Social Good in the Arab World supported by MIT Hacking Medicine and Outliers Fund, also the first online/remote version (due to COVID-19). We have 150 students, mentors, judges and organizers from 28+ countries with a gender ratio of 1.5 : 1

Last year was my first time attending as a mentor of a team (1st prize). …

In Nov-Dec 2019, I accidentally entered into two life-changing journeys (military & hospital). During those fully analog days w/o Internet, I had the chance to slow down, reflecting and rethinking on deeper questions like “How could I play an influential role in shaping the future I want to see and live in?”

Reflecting on my micro venture journey

• 2016: Started a community on Slack (#Outliers) and syndicated a $2m crypto fund among students (while working at MIT Media Lab; San Diego Zoo as a summer fellow)

• 2017: We read 880 papers, rated 600+ projects, invested 32 collectively like…

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